• BZJQ-2系列半自动裱纸机.png

BZJQ-2 Series semi-automatic paper mounting machine



  • 产品描述
  • 1. Machine description:

    * Suction floating backing paper runs in a balanced and accurate way Photoelectric control avoids single walking phenomenon This machine adopts forward push regulation: the error range is 1.0 mm. The error range of cardboard and corrugated paper is 1.5 mm. The wallboard is 20 thick and the important part is 40 thick

    2. Machine functions:

    * This machine adopts turning-up bridge plate for convenient cleaning; Clean the intermittent water circulation cleaning system

    * The elastic front specified position is not ahead of the bottom paper, and the bottom paper can be adjusted before and after bonding

    * Suitable for low-calorie and cardboard bonding over 350 grams cardboard bonding with A/B/C/E/F and double-layer corrugated board and corrugated and corrugated bonding

    * Intelligent control flattening can save electricity and control paper stacking distance

    * Adopt high-precision glue blocking device to save glue


    3. Machine technical parameters

    Specification and model BZJ-1300Q-2 BZJ-1450Q-2 BZJ-1600Q-2
    Maximum cladding size 1400*1300mm 1400*1450mm 1400*1600mm
    Minimum cladding size 350*350mm 350*350mm 350*350mm
    Maximum design speed 90pics/min 90pics/min 90pics/min
    Power 7kw 7kw 7kw
    Overall dimensions: (length * width * height) 8800*2200*1700 8800*2350*1700 8800*2500*1700
    Total weight 3T 3.3T 3.6T

    4. Major component brands

    Part name Brand
    Deceleration motor Jiangsu
    Variable frequency motor Fierce ox
    Vortex air pump Zhejiang
    Glue pump Shanghai
    Bearing Harbin, Japan
    Low voltage power supply Omron
    Button Schneider
    Frequency converter Delta
    Photoelectric Shanghai
    Flatten conveyor belt Italy
    Film-based suction belt Japan
    Chain Japan
    Device Schneider
    Relay Chint
    Liquid level relay Taiwan
    Touch screen Kunlun
    PLC Panasonic Japan
    Encoder Paso
    Servo motor Inventec