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BZJ-1450L8 Automatic paper mounting machine



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  • 1.Machine Description

    *Suction floating feeding paper, accurate running balance. Photoelectric control to avoid single - sheet walking. The machine adopts the prepush position : the paper and corrugated fit error range is + / - 1.5mm

    * synchronous belt drive: imported synchronous belt, maintenance-free, accurate, stable and noiseless.

    2.Machine Function

    *The machine adopts unique pressure spring front gauge design, which effectively reduces mechanical failure rate and ensures accurate positioning with intelligent control.

    *The machine adopts frequency conversion to regulate speed. PLC centralized control, module conversion, operation control standard

    *Double servo control is adopted to realize the timeliness and accuracy of the base paper to the front gauge, so as to ensure the accuracy of the machine under the operating condition

    *After balancing treatment and testing, the steel roller, coupled with the tightening assembly process, effectively improves the mechanical stability. In addition, when the main transmission is driven by the timing belt, the bottom paper part directly absorbs the air and delivers the paper, effectively improving the operating accuracy and speed of the machine

    * Adopt the page control system to automatically recycle the glue, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

    *The machine adopts all ISO9001 standard inspection of materials, with high quality and solid durability. Key parts such as bearings are imported

    *Independently develop a powerful FEIDA paper with precoded paper device to reduce downtime and improve work efficiency

    *The machine is suitable for 150-450gsm paper, A B C D E F wave and three and five layers cardboard (the maximum thickness is less than 10mm)

    3.Machine Technical Parameter

    Product Name  BZJ Series Automatic Paper Mounting Machine
    Specifications BZJ-1450L8
    Maximum Cladding Size 1300*1450mm
    Minimum Cladding Size 380mm*380mm
    Mechanical Speed 0-140/min(400mm-800mm/8000pics,900mm Above/5000pics)
    Power 15kw
    Dimensions :(Length * Width *Height) 12700mm*2300mm*2655mm
     The Total Weight 5T
    The Paper Requirements Base paper: minimum basis weight of 300 g / ㎡, the largest base of 800 g / ㎡, the biggest thickness: 10 mm
    Tissue: minimum basis weight of 150 g / ㎡, the largest base of 800 g / ㎡

    4.Main Components Brand

    Components Name Brand
    Surface Feed Paper Using FEIDA Beijing
    Proximity Sensor OMRON
    Switching Power Supply OMRON
    Bearing Japan NSK
    Frequency Converter TAIDA
    Touch LCD TAIDA
    Synchronous Belt The United States gates
    Flattening Conveyor Belt Italy
    The Chain Japan
    Servo Motor INVT
    Main Motor Fierce cow
    Reduction Motor Taiwan 
    Solenoid valve Japan SMC
    Suction Belt Japan
    Contactor SCHNEIDER
    Button SIEMENS
    Liquid Level Relay Taiwan Pine Ling
    Vacuum Pump Taiwan
    Vortex Pump China
    Solenoid valve Japan SMC